Organizational Transformation

We aim at improving performance by changing behaviors and capabilities throughout your organization. How? Chronsult will help you align your new strategy or business model by creating the right mix of structure, culture and key processes. We will jointly create a road map to implement successfully a sustainable change (brain, muscles, heart and soul of your organization)

Organizational Effectiveness

Making sure your structure, roles, governance and decision making processes are fully aligned to your business strategy and, ultimately, the achievement of your goals in an effective and sustainable way.


Both the sell-side and the buy-side miss out on the organizational issues too often when doing a valuation and regret it the same day the integration plan starts. Whether you are in the sell-side or the buy-side, we help to optimize either your company valuation (sell) or your investment amount (buy).

Corporate Governance

We will assist our clients on helping them select and operate an effective board of directors by jointly creating the right governance framework for your organization.