Our Clients

Why us?

Has your business growth outpaced your current capabilities and structure? if you are planning to start-up new operations in Latin America, if your family is ready to plan the next generational transition or simply, you need guidance to apply the best organizational/family effectiveness practices, then Chronsult might be the right partner to accompany you in this journey.

Our Clients


Privately/Family-owned businesses looking for an organizational and governance framework to assure sustainability for future generations.


International/Global companies expanding or opening new operations in Latin America.

Private equity firms

Private equity firms/ potential investors seeking to assess the human capital/leadership sustainability in target organizations.

Multilatinas in expansion

Multilatinas in expansion seeking to build a high performance management framework focus on multi country business alignment and goal-achievement culture.

Companies in transformation

Companies in transformation (ownership change, capital raise/financing, accelerated growth or sale) looking for organizational alignment to better achieve their goals.

Chronsult has carried out projects in the insurance, healthcare, technology, consulting, and education industries among others