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04/29/2021 Martin Salas

The Rat Race

Anyone who has worked corporate knows the term. It is the mean and distorted outcome of some good and desired concepts. On the one hand, the natural desire of people to grow, compete and be recognized; and on the other hand, a culture of meritocracy in organizations…

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12/16/2020 Martin Salas


Few activities can represent that spirit as well as agriculture. Beyond technical and scientific advances in this sector, farmers depend on variables that are often beyond their control: climate, epidemics, pests, droughts, global demand, etc. Planning, optimism and resilience are inherent attributes for them. In a context where agribusinesses…

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07/20/2020 Martin Salas

Transforming The Virus Into An Opportunity

One of the very few positive aspects that the global pandemic has brought to us is the opportunity to assess carefully our true self, be it the organizational one (in the business world) or the personal one, trigging the chance to a potential positive transformation in both. We relate this transformation to several concepts…

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04/22/2020 Martin Salas


One of the aspects that surprised me a lot during my visits to various Latin American countries in the middle of the first decade of this century, was the change in the way managers used to refer to company personnel. They were no longer called employees but teammates…

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06/22/2018 Martin Salas


The objective of implementing a corporate governance and a compliance model is to generate self-control framework that help a company to prevent the issues created by power centralization and to exercise the ‘check and balance’ as one of the most effective management practices…

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05/09/2018 Martin Salas

Convenient Union

The private equity funds have existed for several decades in the finance word in a variety of versions. In theory, their horizon to achieve..

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12/15/2017 Martin Salas

Key steps for a successful family business sale

The sale of a family business always entails an economic and emotional impact for members of the family. Although six out of seven family businesses disappear when..

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07/28/2017 Martin Salas

Boards and Crisis Management

When the noise still resounds due to the Pura Vida scandal, some experts attribute the root of the problem to the lack of adequate corporate governance..

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06/17/2017 Martin Salas

Family Business and the Cassandra effect

When the Greek god Apollo, disheartened by the indifference of Cassandra, granted her the gift of clairvoyance, he did it with a detail that only an unrequited lover could make..

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04/12/2014 Martin Salas

Winning Local Talent in Latin America

In spite of the recent slowdown, the emerging markets across the world have developed a consistent pattern over the years…

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