Organizational Effectiveness

Making sure your structure, roles, governance and decision making processes are fully aligned to your business strategy and, ultimately, the achievement of your goals in an effective and sustainable way.

Corporate Governance

We will assist our clients on helping them select and operate an effective board of directors by jointly creating the right governance framework for your organization.

Strategy / Org. Capabilities

Chronsult will help you validate your level of understanding of your business strategies across key areas and roles in your organization. We will also identify current and aspirational capabilities.

Org. Design/ Structure

Using Chronsult’s ‘OFF approach’ we will align fit for “growth approach”, we will align the strategies and capabilities of your organization to appropriate roles, scope/span of control and responsibilities.

Process/Mgmt Governance

We ensure the right players have the right level of autonomy and accountability to make things happen in your organization quickly and effectively.

Metrics and Rewards

We will work together to translate your strategic value levers into key performance indicators while building a compensation framework that aligns and rewards your leadership team to ensure goal achievement.

People Practices

We will make sure your organization has the right culture, performance and talent management models to allow your key employees and leadership team to engage with the company in a sustainable (over)achievement mode.